The most "nontypical" district of Chukotka. It borders with three other Russian regions: Kamchatka Territory, Magadan Region, and Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

Located farther from the ocean, the district enjoys slightly gentler climatic conditions, in comparison with other Chukotka districts. However, Western Chukotka is one of the most sparsely populated and difficult to access regions in Russia.

It is here that scientists have discovered the world’s northernmost petroglyphs. They depict hunting scenes and mysterious mushroom people dragging humans in other worlds.

In the same district, there is the UNESCO-protected Wrangel Island, a "maternity hospital" for polar bears. Walruses use it to raise their young.

In the Bilibinskiy district, there is an ancient dormant volcano. According to scientists, the last eruption of Anyuyskiy Volcano might have taken place in the 14th or 15th century.

Western Chukotka is an interesting spot for mountain climbers and extreme sports enthusiasts. Komandnaya Mountain, which is not high but very steep, was conquered only in 2014. One of the most exciting ways to travel across the Bilibinskiy district is by canoe and raft.

Lake Elgygytgyn
Wrangel Island
Pegtymel petroglyphs