The eastern part of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug is often considered the "real" Chukotka. It is home to most of the traditional villages where natives live: Ekven, Sireniki, Lavrentiya, Amgueme, etc.

The Eastern Chukotka is the only place in Russia where the Chukchi and Eskimo hunt sea mammals: whales, walruses, and seals.

Close to the Bering Strait, there is the whaling capital of Russia—the Chukchi village of Lorino. Here, they drag the killed whale ashore, and every inhabitant of the village can cut off a piece of meat and skin for his family, like in olden days.

Reindeer herding is also traditional for indigenous peoples of Chukotka.

The Eastern Chukotka hosts one of the unique geographical sites: the 180th meridian. This imaginary line sets today apart from tomorrow. There is also the easternmost mainland point of Russia and Eurasia—Dezhnev Cape.

Senyavin Strait is believed to be the most picturesque place along the entire Chukotka coast, with fjords on one side and islands on the other. The most famous island is Yttygran. In the island, there is the wondrous Whale Bone Alley constructed of bones and skulls of giant bowhead whales.

The village of Lorino
Whale Bone Alley
Fjords and Mysterious Island
Kolyuchin Island
The 180th Meridian
Village of Lavrentiya
Village of Uelen
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