A trip across Chukotka starts and finishes at the same point, in the capital of the region—Anadyr. This bright and colorful city will be your base before starting off to more remote districts.

The Russian settling of Chukotka began with Anadyr. The Cossack Semyon Dezhnev founded here the first Russian settlement. Close to Anadyr, there is the village of Markovo, where they still stick to the traditional ways of life. There is no permafrost in the Markovo flood plain, so the weather is relatively warm here, in comparison with other parts of the region.

Chukotka's longest river goes through the Anadyr district. The Anadyr River is the main water transportation artery.

In the Koryak Mountains, there is the astonishingly beautiful Mainits Lake. It is renowned for having an abundance of fish, and its shores are inhabited by wild animals. In these mountains, archaeologists have found the northernmost remains of dinosaurs.

Navarin Cape is located in the south of the Gulf of Anadyr. It is believed to be the stormiest place in Russia. Its coastline has the unofficial name of "The Shore of Wrecked Ships" for a reason.

Cape Navarin
The Chukotka Heritage Museum